Baby Proofing the Home for Toddlers 1-3
Posted by Ideal Baby on 3/27/2015 to Baby Safety
Once the child is on the move, seemingly non-stop, making your home safe for the baby is almost a daily chore.  While there were safety measures you probably had implemented earlier in your child’s life, there are some additional steps to be sure the home is safe for the mobile toddler, on the move.
Play Yards for Babies – Investments for Busy Parents
Posted by Ideal Baby on 2/21/2015 to Baby Safety
When it comes to raising a baby, a play yard isn't normally part of the priority shopping list. For young mothers, the first few months of the baby means investing in infant formulas, comfortable and safe clothes, feeding bottles and the recommended vaccinations. While play yards aren't normally on top of mind during his first few months, keep in mind that these are must-do investments as well as soon as you start to bring your baby to your travels and next family get-away.
6 Essential Tips to Childproof Your Home
Posted by Ideal Baby on 2/11/2015 to Baby Safety

Having a baby in your home is no doubt a great joy, bringing delight to everyone at all times. However, babies and toddlers need to watched over carefully even if they are just inside a room. You must ensure their safety at all times, given that they are eager to explore their surroundings and are not aware yet of the potential hazards in the environment.

Hence, it's very important that you childproof your home. Generally, these are the tips you must follow:

 Baby Fashion
 Teaching Moments
 Four Toddler Behaviors That You Should Let Be
 True Surprises
 Baby Proofing the Home for Toddlers 1-3

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