When Drier ISN'T Better: Cool-mist Humidifiers
Posted by Ideal Baby on 12/27/2014 to Baby Safety
Cold air is drier than warm and even though we come with our own bodily humidifiers, our noses, lots of people find it harder to breathe during the winter months, especially our children.
Traveling with Baby in the Car: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind
Posted by Ideal Baby on 12/11/2014 to Baby Gear
Planning to travel with your baby who's just a few months old? It's but natural to be worried. But if you know how to prepare for it, especially a long ride, then there's really nothing to be concerned about. So whether you intend to bring your baby with you in a 30-minute drive or you're going for a journey that would take several hours, it's important to keep these tips in mind:
What to Look for in an Infant Car Seat for Your Holiday Travels
Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/17/2014 to Travel Gear
Finding the right infant car seat can be quite the challenge. However, as long as you know what to look for and how to size baby car seats, you can be assured that the baby you love is safe while travelling on the road. 
Some Fall Safety Reminders
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/1/2014 to Baby Safety
Safety as a general and practical matter is a year-round activity when it comes to our kids. Some of the safety tips and tricks we put in place are universal.
Home Safety Tips for Babies
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/15/2014 to Baby Safety
While raising a new born, you have to take several measures at home to keep them safe and secure at home. Stair cases should be out of reach for toddlers and you need to put some barricades every time you child is playing in the living room. Here are some additional safety tips you can follow to help keep your baby safe.
Tips on How to Combat Common Summer Illnesses of Children
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/2/2014 to Baby Safety
As the weather gets hotter by the day, our bodies find it harder to adapt, therefore becoming more vulnerable to several illnesses. This puts kids at an even higher risk for different kinds of diseases.

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