Boppy® Support in Style™ Maternity Band - M/L

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Designed with breathable elastic lace, Support in Style maternity band provides belly support to ease back pain and provides abdominal support. By gently lifting the belly it helps reduce bladder pressure. Even after the little bundle of joy arrives, new moms can still use the maternity band to provide gentle abdominal support, even easing discomfort after a C-section. The best news for mom is that this maternity band helps her return to normal activities and her regular wardrobe sooner.

  • Breathable elastic lace
  • Provides belly support to ease back pain and abdominal discomfort
  • Gently lifts the belly and helps reduce bladder pressure
  • Can be used after a C-section
  • Helps mom return to normal activities and regular wardrobe
  • Comes in Small/Medium and Medium/Large