Donít Forget the Sunscreen
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/22/2014 to Kid Tips

Your babyís skin is brand new, paper thin, and very susceptible to sunburn. During these hot summer months, itís important take care of your babyís skin to avoid a painful sunburn, and worse, dehydration and heat stroke.

Keep a brimmed hat on your little oneís head. Make sure it shades the entire face and ears as well. Those little satellite dishes can catch more than just sound ó they catch sunrays and can burn to little crisps if theyíre not properly protected. Sometimes hats can be uncomfortable, or your toddler just doesnít want to wear one. If thatís the case, then slather on the sunscreen. Most sunscreen made for children contains enough SPF to block the sun as if it were armor, but it only works if you apply it in regular intervals.

When out for a stroll, dress your baby in light-colored long sleeves and pants made of lightweight material. This provides another protective barrier against the sunís harmful UV rays. Remember, dark clothes absorb the heat. Light colors reflect it. Always use a stroller with a sun shade. If possible, try to find a stroller shade that filters out those nasty UV rays.

Prevent heat stroke and dehydration by providing your baby with plenty of fluids. The best options are breast milk or formula, but avoid giving your child water if he or she is less than 6 months old. Too much water intake can cause water intoxication which upsets an infantís electrolyte balance and can be very dangerous.

When traveling, make sure the car is cooled off before you strap your child into his or her car seat. Shade them from the hot sun with a window shade which can be easily attached to the side window, and often come in playful patterns for your little one to enjoy.

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