Evenflo Bebek Bottle 8oz

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Designed to mimic a mothers breast, the Evenflo Bebek bottles offer a more natural way to feed your baby while transitioning from breast to bottle.  With Evenflo-Bebeks Rapid flow venting Proflow™ system, air stays in the bottle and is not transferred to babys belly during feeding, significantly reducing gas, colic and fussiness.  Expertly designed and for easy assembly, it's one piece nipple and venting system makes cleaning the nipple that much easier.  In addition, its leak free feeding so you don't have to worry about any messy spills during feeding, allowing you to concentrate on baby and mommy bonding.  Its ergonomic shape makes it easier for babys to hold once they learn how to bottle feed on their own.  All of the Evenflo Bebek baby bottles are BPA free.

  • Designed to mimic a mothers breast for easier transition from breat to bottle
  • Rapid flow venting Proflow™ system reduces gas, colic and fussiness
  • One piece nipple and vent makes for easier cleaning and assembly
  • Ergonomic shape is easy for baby to hold and is leak free
  • BPA free