Jogging Strollers

Staying in shape with a new baby in the household can be a challenge for both mom and dad. However, with a terrain ready and stylish jogging stroller, parents can continue to enjoy their daily exercise routines while making sure their baby is safe and enjoying the ride as well. When it comes to choosing a jogging stroller, here are some key features that any parent should look for in their purchase:

  1. Locking wheels
  2. Swiveling wheels
  3. Adjustable seat and harness
  4. Overhead canopy

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Locking wheels are extremely helpful when heading out on rocky trails. A locking front wheel allows parents can maneuver a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions. Additional bonuses in jogging strollers are lockable rear wheels. Many strollers come with foot brakes that can be utilized when parents need to take a rest. These foot brakes stop the stroller from rolling, and both baby and parent will be protected from unwanted jaunts down a hill or across the street.

Swiveling wheels are great for those parents who need to navigate small spaces or crowded sidewalks. The swiveling wheels allow for the stroller to pivot and make any turn seem easy. An adjustable seat and harness is great for keeping the baby comfortable and the parents worry free. Many seats can recline to 5 different positions, while harness straps that can be reconfigured are great for ensuring safety and comfort.

Finally, an overhead canopy is essential for any parent taking their child outdoors. These canopies protect from sun, wind, rain, snow, and heat. Some stroller canopies come with zipper pulls for a super secure protective barrier.With the addition of technology in our daily lives, it is no surprise that some jogging strollers even come with speakers and MP3 player plug-ins. This is great for the parents who like to listen to relaxing or upbeat tunes on their morning walk. Children can enjoy hearing their favorite songs as well. Jogging strollers are a wonderful addition to any family with a newborn baby. With a wide variety of stroller styles with fun and unique features, any parent is sure to find the perfect fit.  Call us with any questions you may have at 888-722-2944 to give your baby the best.