Ideas for Summertime Funtime
Posted by Ideal Baby on 5/28/2015 to Kid Tips
Summertime is here, and there is lots to do and lots to see beyond our own curtains and backyard gates. Sure, there is something to be said for walks in the park, spending afternoons blowing bubbles on the grass, and making flower crowns. But after a while it can get kind of boring, even for your little ones.
Use Your Words
Posted by Ideal Baby on 5/12/2015 to Kid Tips
As soon as they’re born, infants begin hoarding and consuming information like tiny little packrats. Their thirsty brains suck up and stockpile everything they encounter like a well filling with ground water.
How to Win the Battle for Bedtime: 5 Proven Ways to Help Put Your Baby to Sleep
Posted by Ideal Baby on 4/22/2015 to Kid Tips
Getting an infant to bed is not exactly what it says on the tin can. The bed may be too hot, too cold, or just not his choice of where to put his sleepy head for the night. What's a frustrated parent to do? The answer may be obvious, but not to a parent who looks at the problem with only one eye open.

 Ideas for Summertime Funtime
  Postpartum Rest: A Well-deserved (and Very Important) Break for New Moms
 Summertime Essentials
 Use Your Words
 Identity Theft

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