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5 Things I Could Never Have Too Many of As a New Parent

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/25/2015 to New Moms
I remember after my baby shower for my daughter, receiving so many multiples of certain items and thinking, ďIíll never need all of these!Ē Many of the items ended up being returned in favor of purchasing other things I deemed to be ďnecessities,Ē but there were a few that I definitely ended up wishing I had hung on to. As a first-time parent, itís simply hard to know what youíre going to need extras of, and you donít want to end up having too much ó but for us, these were the things that I could never seem to get enough of. My true-blue ďmust-haves.Ē

5 Things Iím Looking Forward to When My Son Turns 2

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/21/2015 to New Moms
Heís talking now. Almost in complete sentences. Wasnít it just yesterday when I was sitting in my hospital bed with him, wrapped up and cuddled in my arms? I still canít believe that it was almost two years ago. I try to take everything day by day. Knowing he might be our last, I want to make sure that I savor each and every moment and milestone as he grows. Because it all feels like heís doing them too quickly.

Pregnancy Is a Beautiful Time Ė Some Tips

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/18/2015 to New Moms
Pregnancy can be such a fun time and so full of excitement. Thoughts of becoming a parent are the stuff of many people's dreams. First time mothers-to-be always have a number of questions. The following paragraphs contain a lot of ideas that may answer some of your questions and concerns
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