Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Posted by Ideal Baby on 2/26/2015 to New Moms

The birth of a baby is the most joyful occasion in any family. The joy of this precious occasion is celebrated by conducting baby shower functions. This is the time when the new parents or the soon-to-be parents will be showered with gifts and best wishes by relatives and friends. The most valued occasion of the family can be made more joyous by the careful selection of baby shower gift.


Bathing and Grooming Your Newborn, Baby
Posted by Ideal Baby on 12/28/2014 to Kid Tips
Bathing and grooming your baby is not complicated. However, you do need to pay special attention to your baby's grooming and bathing processes so that your baby is groomed and bathed safely and effectively. Bathing and grooming your baby on a regular basis will go a long ways towards keeping your baby healthy and happy.  
It Takes a Family: Multi-generational Child Care and “The New Normal”
Posted by Ideal Baby on 12/1/2014 to Kid Tips

Cultivating a multi-generational, multi-layered approach to child-rearing may be a thing of the past, but it is making a fast and contemporary comeback in the 2010s.

7 Tips to Help You Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks
Posted by Ideal Baby on 10/12/2014 to New Moms

One of the biggest fears of pregnant women is the likelihood that they will develop stretch marks on their tummy area. The appearance of these marks varies from one to another. Some show dark web-like lines while others simply have white and silvery jagged lines. After giving birth, there are those whose marks naturally fade into almost-invisible streaks while there are also women whose tummies continue to bear the unsightly obscure marks.

Of course the best way to go about this is to prevent them from appearing. Here are 7 tips to help you keep those stretch marks at bay:

Five Baby Nursery Decor Ideas
Posted by Ideal Baby on 9/17/2014 to Baby Gear
With the incredible variety of nursery decoration choices available, it can be hard to make a final decision on your baby nursery decor. The most effective way to "shorten the list" of baby nursery decoration options is to consider your own style preferences and personal interests. Think about the things which were fun and memorable for you while you were growing up, or maybe look to the styles of today for something new and inspiring. However, before making any decisions, always remember that your baby nursery decor has to be enjoyable and functional for the baby and the parents too.
Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Better
Posted by Ideal Baby on 9/15/2014 to Kid Tips
Newborn infants, by nature, sleep during the day and are awake most of the night. What's more, they often have irregular sleeping patterns and would usually sleep for just 2 to 3 hours each time. The good news is that when they reach 3 to 6 months of age, they learn to sleep for 5 hours straight already during the night.
Diet Advice For Breastfeeding Mothers
Posted by Ideal Baby on 9/9/2014 to New Moms
When new moms begin breastfeeding, they often have many questions about how it is going to affect their bodies and what types of things to include or omit from their diet. While no extreme diet measures need to be taken, there are a few key points to keep in mind as you begin breastfeeding your newborn. There are a number of tools and accessories designed to make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable.
Five Baby Hygiene Mistakes Many Parents Commit
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/20/2014 to Kid Tips
A lot of new parents still commit mistakes when taking care of their babies for the first time, especially in terms of hygiene. Sometimes even if you have read up a lot about the topic, it's still a bit overwhelming and you'll tend to forget everything when the baby's actually out already.
Should you be Committed? Working out with Babies
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/28/2014 to New Moms
People decide on fitness as a lifestyle choice for a variety of reasons. No matter the impetus, or the time-frame, a commitment to fitness, as a family, is wonderful and can be a fantastic, positive parenting tool for creating healthy children, too!
Preparing For Your Second Baby
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/3/2014 to New Moms
Having another baby even just a few years (or months) after the first one is quite a normal occurrence nowadays.
Be Prepared for Your Baby’s First Time at the Beach
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/3/2014 to New Moms
Unless you’re living in a particularly warm part of the world, or you can manage to squeeze in some vacation days to travel during the winter, summer is the time when you’ll be able to take your brand new baby to the beach.
The Red Badge of Pregnancy: How to Deal with Stretch Marks
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/2/2014 to New Moms
Being pregnant for the first-time can be a spiritually enlarging experience, but after you've climbed down from the exhilaration of delivering your firstborn and seeing him or her for the first time, you've got to battle with the more practical concerns of your postpartum condition.
Your Baby and Bathtime
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/12/2013 to New Moms
The smell of a new baby often draws even those who claim they don't like children and it's often one of the most powerful memories a new mother reminisces about when recalling those first few precious days with her newborn. While a baby doesn't get dirty like their older human counterparts, even this sweet smelling tiny person needs regular bathing.

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