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5 Things Iím Looking Forward to When My Son Turns 2

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/21/2015 to New Moms
Heís talking now. Almost in complete sentences. Wasnít it just yesterday when I was sitting in my hospital bed with him, wrapped up and cuddled in my arms? I still canít believe that it was almost two years ago. I try to take everything day by day. Knowing he might be our last, I want to make sure that I savor each and every moment and milestone as he grows. Because it all feels like heís doing them too quickly.

Pregnancy Is a Beautiful Time Ė Some Tips

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/18/2015 to New Moms
Pregnancy can be such a fun time and so full of excitement. Thoughts of becoming a parent are the stuff of many people's dreams. First time mothers-to-be always have a number of questions. The following paragraphs contain a lot of ideas that may answer some of your questions and concerns

The Joys (and Germs) of Day Care

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/15/2015 to New Moms
Our little man has been going to day care two days a week for almost a month now. Although he doesnít particularly enjoy the morning drop off (at least I assume he doesnít based on him singing Ďall doneí the second we get there), he ends up having a great time. He gets to play outside for most of the day, has the opportunity to meet other kids his age and scores some sweet snacks. I am totes jealous.
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