Pali Novara Toddler Rail in White

By: Pali

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The toddler rail is designed to protect your child from falling from his or her crib. A child reaches certain age that he or she starts experimenting claiming over the front rail. By adding the toddler rail, the child will be immediately aware that claiming is not an option any more. So they will start practicing coming out through the space allowed by the toddler rail. The child will be safe at night by the protection offered by the toddler rail.

* Environmentally-friendly medium density hardwood comparable to White Ash * Initially used for latex production which drops after 25-30 years 
 * Trees are being harvested to renew the forest for new latex production
* Harvested trees are recycled into furniture production
 * All Rubberwood used in production is harvested within a 500-mile radius of  our factories reducing the environmental impact of long-haul transportation. * Dimensions: 75.19"W x 5.90" D x .86" H