Philips Avent Out and About Manual Breast Pump

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The Philips Avent Out and About Manual Breast Pump's unique active massage cushion is designed for comfort. Being stressed or in a hurry can make it more difficult to release your milk. So feeling comfortable and relaxed really helps. The gentle-draw vacuum of the Philips AVENT Out and About Breast Pump mimics a baby's natural suckling action and gets more milk than a hospital grade double electric pump. The unique active massage cushion is intended to help stimulate natural let-down and makes your life easier by expressing directly into any of our wide range of Philips AVENT baby bottles and breast milk storage containers for the fridge or freezer.

Whats Included in the package:

  • Bottle stand/funnel cover - 1 pcs
  • Extra Soft Newborn Nipple - 1 pcs
  • Breast milk container (125ml/4oz) 2 pcs
  • Cool Pack - 2 pcs
  • Disposable Breast Pads - 1 pcs
  • Microfiber Insulated Travel bag - 1 pcs
  • Sealing Disc for Milk Storage - 1 pcs
  • Spare parts - 2 pcs
  • Newborn nipple travel pack: 1 pcs