Playtex Diaper Genie II Elite System Refill

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When baby is no longer solely fed on breast milk or formula, mom should switch to the Diaper Genie Stage 2 Refill for maximum odor protection. The Diaper Genie Stage 2 Refill is made of a stronger, thicker film to provide better odor protection when baby is eating solid and/or spoon-fed foods. Triple-barrier odor-proof protection works to neutralize tough diaper odors. For use with the Diaper Genie II or Diaper Genie II Elite.

  • Multilayer film for ultimate protection against odor and germs
  • Each unscented refill can seal up to 270 newborn diapers
  • Compatible with the Diaper Genie II Elite and Diaper Genie® II Diaper disposal systems
  • Refill is designed so that diapers only touch the film and not the pail, so pail stays clean, no mess