Preparing For Your Second Baby
Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/3/2014 to New Moms

Having another baby even just a few years (or months) after the first one is quite a normal occurrence nowadays. And while most moms are ecstatic and excited about it, there are also some who dread and get rather nervous about it.

Just remember that youíve already gone through the newborn phase not so long ago, so have faith that youíll be able to pull through the second time around as well. Also keep in mind that youíre not alone in this experience and itís perfectly fine to ask for help from your partner and other trusted relatives or friends. The toughest part youíll probably need to deal with is how to ease in your first-born into the idea that he/she wouldnít be the sole center of attention at home anymore. A helpful tip would have one-on-one quality time with both of your little ones, while the other one spends time with your partner or a close relative. It would also greatly benefit the both of them if you involve your first-born in caring for your new infant as well.

Another important aspect of having a second baby to keep in mind is what baby items to buy again, and which ones you can reuse from your first child. The gap between your first-born and newborn plays an important factor in determining which baby essentials to purchase again. If your firstborn is old enough to sleep on a bed, then you can easily use your existing crib for your newborn, provided that itís still sturdy enough. Youíll probably just want to change the mattress and get more furniture for storage, as your baby stuff are bound to increase exponentially. As for other baby necessities such as strollers, car seats, bath tub, and the likeóif your first-born is still young enough to need it at the same as your newborn does, then youíll need to acquire new ones as well.

Even though your firstbornís feeding bottles still look good as new, itís highly recommended to still buy new ones alongside new pump parts, pacifiers, nursing pads, and so on. The same goes for some baby clothes, especially if your babies are not of the same gender. Just keep in mind that you canít put a price on safety and good health, so better choose to invest in new baby accessories if youíre not too sure of the old ones that you have.

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