Romina Kids Furniture Cleopatra Toddler Rail White (picture does not represent actual color)

By: Romina Kids Furniture

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The Romina Kids Furniture Cleopatra Collection exudes is the feminine side of design. Delicate, sensual and strong, as only Cleopatra may be. Romina's furniture is made of 100% wood. They make no compromises. Every piece of furniture from the Romina collection is crafted with attention to every detail and includes key secrets from the craft of carpentry to guarantee your complete satisfaction not only in design and finishings but in structure and assembly techniques. Go beyond the exterior of Romina's furnishings and you will discover the finest beechwood, excellent craftsmanship, reliable accessories as only the most solid and finest quality furniture you may find for your little one.

  • Exceptional Finishing by hand, allowing for multiple color finishes
  • Made of 100% Beechwood
  • Sturdy Body Structure

In addition for case pieces:

  • Dovetail joints that are sturdy and reliable and will last a lifetime
  • Optional Italian design of personalized handles and knobs
  • German Gliders that are reliable and smooth