Romina Nerva Convertible Crib in Solid White

By: Romina Kids Furniture

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The Nerva Design Line is music translated into furniture. Every piece, as with the other Romina Collections, is finished by hand. The Nerva Design Line is massive, yet fluid. It shouts wealth, but with a most refined style. Charming, solid European workmanship in every fiber of the wood and it's detail, Nerva is the true statement of a proud parent. The Nerva Convertible Crib is proof that detail is everything. Nerva is hand finished, refined craftsmanship. From crib, to toddler bed, to daybed and finally a full size bed, the Nerva Convertible Crib will grow with your child and their changing needs.

  • Exceptional finishing by hand allowing for multiple color choices
  • Sturdy body structure made of 100% Solid Beech Wood
  • Made to last for 3 generations
Healthy facts:
  • 100% solid wood non-chemically treated for added strength and resistance. No particle board or MDF is used in the manufacturing process therefore all Romina products are free of Formaldehyde and any other cancer causing toxic emanations.
  • Water based stains and paints, CPSC certified non-toxic. Our finishes are free of VOCs, Lead, Phthalates or any other toxic emanation.
  • Tree sap based organic glues are used with the construction of drawer boxes, wood panels for side walls and all joints that require adhesives.
  • Bees Wax organic finish is available for any of our collections.
Safety Facts:
  • All our products are compliant with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards, tested and certified by CPSC authorized labs.
  • All Romina dressers are standardly equipped with anti-tilting hardware system for added stability and protection.
  • Our drawer gliding system is baby proof and completely eliminates the risk of accidentally pulling out drawers. Plastic safety triggers mounted underneath the drawer boxes must be operated simultaneously for extracting the drawer.
  • The standard self-closing drawer and door systems helps avoiding finger pinching accidents.