Sassy Soft Touch Rinse Cup

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Partnering with experts in Early Childhood Development, Sassy creates products with features that engage infants and toddlers throughout the developmental stages of water play. Whether it_s using the senses to become more comfortable with water or practicing fine motor movements through scooping, pouring or straining water, Sassy bath toys offer a variety of unique features with age appropriate stimuli to encourage baby_s developing skills. As always, Sassy bath toys and accessories combine the importance of bath time safety with fun. By using a variety of baby safe materials and safety features, we strive to provide delight and enjoyment in the tub, while giving peace of mind to the caregiver.

  • Unique, soft material forms a watertight edge along babyÌs forehead
  • Helps keep shampoo and water out of babyÌs eyes
  • Comfort handle makes it easy for caregiver to fill and pour
  • Assortment of colors 0+ Months Ò Inspire Bath time