Summer Essentials to Keep Your Baby Safe from the Sun
Posted by Maria on 4/1/2014

Summer is just around the corner and itís about time you considered covering all bases when it comes to keeping your baby safe from the harsh glare of the sun. Itís quite impossible to keep them forever hidden away to avoid sun exposure, especially if youíre going on the road or taking a trip to the beach. So regardless of your needs, here are some of the summer basics for your baby:


  • Sun Shade/Canopy: Taking a stroll or going for a long drive? Make sure to get a canopy for the stroller, as well as a sun shade for the car. A stroller canopy or summer kit is the perfect way to keep your baby covered and hidden from the sun while youíre outdoors. While the sun shade, which you can attach to the window of a car, can lessen the effects of the sunís harsh glare to protect your childís eyesight and skin health.
  • Hat: If youíre carrying your baby outside, keep their head covered up with a hat. Better choose a beach-appropriate hat with a wide brim, which can partially cover up your babyís face.
  • Waterproof Diaper: Waterproof diapers are a must when going to the beach. Normally, these come in the form of waterproof cover-ups that can be worn over normal diapersócloth or disposable. This minimizes your babyís discomfort due to wet diapers when taking them for a dip in the pool or beach.
  • Lightweight Onesies: While itís important to keep your baby feeling cool amidst the summer heat, you still have to ensure that you provide as much skin coverage as possible by dressing them up in lightweight onesies. This keeps them comfortable and protected even with the intense heat of the sun.  
  • Water Bottle: Also, never do without available water bottles for your baby. Babies, especially infants, are prone to dehydration, so make sure that they take in lots of water wherever you go.  
  • Sunscreen: If your baby's skin will be exposed to the sun, make sure you use infant-safe sunscreen that will not come off with sweat or water. 


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