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What Are The Best First Foods For Baby?

Posted by Ideal Baby on 10/4/2015 to New Moms
Generally, babies are ready to start trying solid foods around six months, but it's ok to start as early as four months. If your baby is showing interest in other foods (think grabbing for your chicken wings and staring at your cereal) and able to sit up in his high chair, it's probably a good time to start. It's best to run it past your pediatrician before starting the taste tests, though.

Bonding With Baby Over The Bottle

Posted by Ideal Baby on 10/3/2015 to New Moms
Ive heard nursing helps moms and babies bond, but Im not breastfeeding. Are there any ways to connect with my baby while I give her a bottle? Absolutely. Clinical psychologist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, reminds moms that bonding is a process of familiarity getting to know each other that happens over time.  And, wonderful bonding can be facilitated no matter how your baby is fed.  Here are some ways to make bottle-time a warm and fuzzy experience for both of you.

What Can I Do When Teething Is Affecting Baby's Sleep?

Posted by Ideal Baby on 9/26/2015 to New Moms
Thankfully, our child is usually a good sleeper, but now that shes teething, her nights are totally thrown off. What should we do? Is this you? 
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