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Tips for Transitioning Your Baby to a Crib

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/26/2015 to Kid Tips
When our newest baby was born, the crib was already occupied by her older sister, who had just turned two. For the first six months, the baby slept in a tiny portable crib, which worked like a charm (and didnít take up too much room in our bedroom). But once our toddler learned how to climb out of the crib, it was time to move her to a toddler bed and put our baby into the full-size crib. It took a few days, but our baby quickly got the hang of sleeping in her new crib. If youíre looking at making the transition to a crib too, here are a few tips:

4 Tricks to Steer Baby Away from a Mealtime Meltdown

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/25/2015 to Kid Tips
Mealtime is one of those times of day that can be a challenge as a parent. That time right before bedtime is typically not when babies will be at their best. They are tired and hungry, and with that comes a good dose of grumpiness. I know what itís like, but thankfully with time Iíve found some tricks that have made mealtime a lot more pleasant (magical even!) for everyone involved. Hereís what has worked for us:

5 Things I Could Never Have Too Many of As a New Parent

Posted by Ideal Baby on 11/25/2015 to New Moms
I remember after my baby shower for my daughter, receiving so many multiples of certain items and thinking, ďIíll never need all of these!Ē Many of the items ended up being returned in favor of purchasing other things I deemed to be ďnecessities,Ē but there were a few that I definitely ended up wishing I had hung on to. As a first-time parent, itís simply hard to know what youíre going to need extras of, and you donít want to end up having too much ó but for us, these were the things that I could never seem to get enough of. My true-blue ďmust-haves.Ē
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