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Britto the Artist

Posted by Maria on 12/30/2013
Famous for his bright and beautiful pop pieces featuring a trademark colorful neo-cubism style, Romero Britto is a Brazillian-American painter and sculptor who combines a variety of pop art genres for a unique and instantly recognizable style. Living and working in Florida and born in Brazil, Britto has completed many commercial works for not only corporate giants like Disney and Pepsi, but also for non-profit organizations and relief projects, such as logo designs for Hurricane Katrina and the Save Haiti Saturday project. Britto’s extensive work dates back to his international debut in 1988, and includes personal works, celebrity portraits, and commissions, in addition to his corporate pieces.

Is a Haircut Good for a Baby?

Posted by Carlos on 12/27/2013
Deciding when to give a baby his or her first haircut depends on several factors, including parents' cultural practices or religious beliefs and the child's need for a trim, as well as psychological readiness.

Tips to Cut Down Teething Trauma

Posted by Maria on 12/27/2013
The first three months of baby's life can be challenging to new parents, but thankfully, by the fourth month, most families have settled into a routine and life has calmed down. No wonder parents sometimes feel sucker-punched when baby starts teething sometime between four and six months of age. Teething can be very unpleasant for babies and their parents, but there are strategies to help minimize the trauma.
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