Some Quick Buying Tips About Strollers
Posted by Mellissa on 5/13/2014
Strollers are an extension of the parent, and the child. Unless you have a child already, a stroller should be required as a gift at a baby shower.
When Advice Undermines
Posted by Jorge on 5/12/2014
When you have a baby or are pregnant, and especially when it’s your first go at it, you may become a target for a barrage of advice and horror stories from the most well-meaning friends and family members who just can’t resist sharing them all with you.
Unique (Odd?) Baby Names of 2013
Posted by Carlos on 5/12/2014
Are you on of these parents? Do you know these parents? Would you please give them the Italian-mother slap upside the back of the head for us please?
Why Avoid BPA?
Posted by Maria on 5/12/2014
In 2008, the potential health risks of the Bisphenol A (or BPA,) a chemical which is commonly found in plastic, made headlines.
5 Must-Have Stroller Accessories
Posted by Maria on 5/10/2014
Strollers are among the most important baby accessories that you’ll need once your little one arrives. But more than just the stroller itself, you’ll probably also need to invest in some additional items that would protect your baby, as well as keep him entertained and feeling comfortable. Check out our top 5 suggestions of must-have stroller accessories:
Baby Proofing the Home for Toddlers 1-3
Posted by Maria on 5/10/2014
Once the child is on the move, seemingly non-stop, making your home safe for the baby is almost a daily chore.  While there were safety measures you probably had implemented earlier in your child’s life, there are some additional steps to be sure the home is safe for the mobile toddler, on the move.
Popular Parenting Myths
Posted by Maria on 5/10/2014
Maybe you are raising kids, so you have already gotten some of this advice and you are either living up to it or ignoring it. Or you are a brand-new parent or will be, or are planning to be, and you might have gotten some of this advice and are trying to take it to heart - or you have not heard it yet and you're frankly surprised that you're getting it from us.
3 Inventive Ways of Reusing Your Baby’s Crib at Home
Posted by Maria on 5/6/2014
Investing in a crib for your baby goes beyond their safety and comfort because once they’ve outgrown it, you’ll still be able to find a use for it with a few tweaks here and there. And the best part of it is how you and the rest of your family can benefit from it, and not just your baby who’s growing up so fast.

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