Pregnancy Advice
Posted by Maria on 6/30/2014
You just found out you’re pregnant…welcome to the land of unsolicited, expert parenting advice from everyone from your mother in law to the mailman.
DIY Baby Food? You Bet!
Posted by Ideal Baby Team on 6/18/2014
The best way to be sure your toddler or baby gets the healthiest, best food possible is to make it yourself.
BATH-TIME: Dispelling the Myth of Secondary Drowning
Posted by Ideal Baby Team on 6/18/2014
Much attention has been given online lately in social media to the concept of “secondary drowning.”
The Best Dog Breeds for Babies, Small Children
Posted by Ideal Baby Team on 6/17/2014
Having a baby or small child does not mean you cannot have a dog. There are in fact a good number of dog breeds that are especially friendly to babies and small children.
Essential Potty Training Products
Posted by Ideal Baby Team on 6/17/2014
Potty training can be a challenging time for both the child and the parent.  Frustration and hopelessness can make the process and very difficult one.
Safely Using Potentially Dangerous Baby Products
Posted by Andrew on 6/1/2014
Let’s face it. Life can be dangerous. Every day we speed along roads and highways encased in metal boxes at 60-something miles per hour a mere inches from machines weighing thousands of pounds apiece go just as fast; we consume foods and drinks from unknown origins; and we speak with tens of people who may or may not be harboring viruses and bacteria. Yet, for the most part, we survive.

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