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Should you be Committed? Working out with Babies

Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/28/2014 to New Moms
People decide on fitness as a lifestyle choice for a variety of reasons. No matter the impetus, or the time-frame, a commitment to fitness, as a family, is wonderful and can be a fantastic, positive parenting tool for creating healthy children, too!

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/22/2014 to Kid Tips
Your baby’s skin is brand new, paper thin, and very susceptible to sunburn. During these hot summer months, it’s important take care of your baby’s skin to avoid a painful sunburn, and worse, dehydration and heat stroke.

Some Quick Tips to Find the Right Diaper-Changing Table

Posted by Ideal Baby on 7/15/2014 to Baby Gear
Yes, we are versatile. As long as our floor is flat or we have a clean tabletop (after cleaning off dinner dishes), we are willing to change our baby's diaper wherever we are.
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