Create A Play Space For Your Kids
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/22/2014 to Kid Tips
If you have extra space then you can decorate it for your kid. Your child will be delighted to have a specially designed area, equipped and decorated especially for the purpose of play.
Reading is FUNdamental
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/22/2014 to Kid Tips
A child’s brain is a sponge, absorbing as much information as possible while she explores the new and fascinating world around her. Reading to your child even as early as infancy can help your child develop in more ways than you could ever have imagined!
Five Baby Hygiene Mistakes Many Parents Commit
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/20/2014 to Kid Tips
A lot of new parents still commit mistakes when taking care of their babies for the first time, especially in terms of hygiene. Sometimes even if you have read up a lot about the topic, it's still a bit overwhelming and you'll tend to forget everything when the baby's actually out already.
Top Baby Strollers You Can Buy - 2014
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/18/2014 to Baby Gear
If you are in the market for a baby stroller, either for yourself or for someone you know, you probably already know that shopping for a stroller is hard work. There are so many styles, options, features and price points to consider that by the time you make a decision on a stroller, your child will be driving a car, not riding in a stroller.
Wearable Baby Monitor: Does It Invade Your Child's Privacy?
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/15/2014 to Baby Gear
Starting in early 2015, a new baby monitor will be shipped out to consumers and retailers that will take the 70-year-old baby monitoring system to a whole new level. But will it invade the privacy of your child and you, as a parent?
Baby’s Switch To A Big Kid Cup
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/12/2014 to Kid Tips
Babies rely on the breast or bottle to get the nutrients that are necessary to their survival, but there comes a time when they need to make the switch from bottle to cup.
Some Fall Safety Reminders
Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/1/2014 to Baby Safety
Safety as a general and practical matter is a year-round activity when it comes to our kids. Some of the safety tips and tricks we put in place are universal.

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