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Playtime with your New Baby

Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/23/2015 to New Moms

Did you know that the simple business of playing with your baby can help promote bonding and boost development, as well as being a great way for you to relax and enjoy each other's company? Even as a newborn, your baby will respond to opportunities to 'play' with you - so it's never too early to start! We have same great ideas for baby games you can play to get your baby interacting and having fun at the same time.


Five Tips for Toddlers who are Fussy Eaters

Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/22/2015 to Kid Tips
We’ve all been there. Prepared the most delicious meals only for our toddlers to throw it all over the walls, or floor (if you’re lucky!) So how can you make sure your little one gets a balanced and varied diet? Here are five great expert tips.

Tips for Toddler Potty Training

Posted by Ideal Baby on 8/22/2015 to Kid Tips
Toilet training boys and girls can be tough, if your toddler seems to be a late starter when it comes to potty training, you may be reassured to know that the age a child is potty trained is not linked to intellect.
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