Investing in a crib for your baby goes beyond their safety and comfort because once they’ve outgrown it, you’ll still be able to find a use for it with a few tweaks here and there. And the best part of it is how you and the rest of your family can benefit from it, and not just your baby who’s growing up so fast.


For starters, dealing with a toddler is a whole new experience compared to taking care of an infant. It’s a good thing that you can convert their crib into a sturdy playhouse in which your little one can play in, which you can also use inside or outside of the house. If you’re not that keen on doing some manual labor, simply remove the sliding part and turn the crib upside down. Place some decorations and add some cushions to make it more child-friendly.


Another great way to reinvent your baby’s crib. Transform it to create your very own work desk or into a kid’s writing table. For your office desk, you can purchase a wooden plank or clear glass that can cover up the top and serve as your writing area. You can also remove the sliding part and place it below as a shelf for your other things. If you want to still keep it a part of your child’s belongings, simply remove the sliding part and make the bottom part their writing table. Just purchase low chairs and other decorations that would suit their creative needs.


Creating vintage-inspired and antique-looking furniture out of wooden cribs are also very popular ways of reusing them for your house. While this may take a bit more experience in actual construction and manual labor, the end result is well worth the effort in addition to its sentimental value. You can reconstruct it as a bench for the porch, a coffee table for the living room, or even as a mount for your entertainment system.