3 Things Your Nursery Should Not Be Without

Posted by Maria on 3/3/2014
The impending arrival of a new baby is one of the most anticipated events for parents. Much discussion is given to preparing for the baby. Some of this discussion focuses on books that should be read, feeding theories that should be investigated and which sleep training methods yield the best results. In truth, no amount of mental preparation gets new parents completely ready for the change that is about to occur. The transition to parenthood may, however, be made easier by making the proper physical preparations for the baby.

The Perfect Nursery

Setting up the perfect nursery requires much thought and planning on the part of anxious parents. Agreeing on a theme, colors and fabrics takes time and willingness to compromise. There are three nursery items, however, that tend to make parenthood a little bit simpler.
  • Comfortable Seating -A baby nursery is generally where new parents will spend many hours figuring out how to keep their child content. A chair in the nursery gives parents a place to sit comfortably during feedings. Look for one that has the ability to rock, but also has a place for weary fathers or mothers to put their feet up. By visiting a retailer that sells nursery furniture and sitting in a few different styles of chairs, you will be able to find seating that is comfortable for your body type.
  • Diaper Changing Area -After childbirth, many mothers have trouble getting to floor level to change a diaper. Look for a changing table that is at least as high as your hip and equipped with safety straps for more comfortable diaper changing. Keep in mind that you will want to be able to store wipes, ointments and baggies for soiled clothing in or very near the area as well.
  • Reliable Baby Monitor -Even the most attentive parents must, at some point, leave the nursery. A reliable baby monitor can help to ease any worries about leaving the baby alone. Look for a monitor that gives you the ability to see and hear your baby. Without a visual image, the sounds a baby makes can be confusing and startling.
Make your baby's homecoming as stress free as possible by being properly prepared. By having the right nursery accessories, you can be sure to enjoy the event instead of worrying about it.
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