Being potty trained is a big developmental milestone for children. The process can be unique for every child; different methods may work better with different children.

Timing Is Important

Children figure out potty training sooner or later. Some kids seem to almost potty train themselves, while others take their good sweet time. The process can be even more frustrating if it is begun before a child is ready. It is good to watch for signs that a child seems ready, such as taking an interest in the toilet, or wanting to be changed immediately after pooping in a diaper because she is uncomfortable. For families with multiple children, don't assume because one was potty trained by a certain age siblings will do the same.

Buy a Special Potty

There are many great potties and potty seats designed just for kids. Some have princess designs and even play music. Other models are small seats that fit on top of a regular toilet. Purchasing a special potty for a child may provide more incentive, and be easier to get a kid on the toilet.

Motivate With Treats

Using treats as rewards can be a very effective tool when potty training children. Another approach is to fill a bag with inexpensive toys and let a child pick from the bag when she has tinkled or pooped on the potty. Awarding stickers for a job well done can also yield results. Create a chart and let a child stick a sticker in it every time she is successful on the potty.


Don’t underestimate the power of praise. Kids usually love the praise they receive from parents as much as anything. Being praised when they are learning can have a positive impact on their overall success.
A potty trained child is a goal for many parents. It can be helpful to experiment with different approaches, such as the ones listed above, to determine the best way to encourage a child to use the toilet.