New motherhood is unknown territory. I remember the day I brought home my oldest daughter — the first thing I thought was, “Now what?”  From those middle-of-the-night feedings, to the cries that you desperately try to analyze the meaning of, being a new mom is no easy feat..

1. Ask for help. Becoming a mother is a drastic change from life pre-baby. No one expects you to do it all, so don’t put that pressure on yourself. I remember thinking that I could do it all and that I was supposed to be able to do it all. I didn’t even think to ask for help from family and friends because I didn’t think I needed to. I did need it. Whether it’s bringing dinner over, watching your little one while you get 30 extra minutes of sleep, or even coming over just to have some adult conversation, ask away.

2. Take a lot of photos. The time goes by quickly. Yes, the days seem to drag on, but when you look back, it will be as if they’ve gone by with the blink of an eye. Those precious newborn days are numbered, so take all the photos you want of your little one. Take them while they are sleeping. Take them in cute outfits. Take them of their tiny toes and hands. And don’t forget to take photos with yourself in them. You can never have too many photos and you will thank yourself later on for taking so many.

3. Get out of the house. Those first few weeks you are just getting adjusted to a new routine, and while you may not feel that things are back to normal, make sure that you don’t let that keep you inside too long. Whether you put baby in your Mickey Mouse stroller and take a walk around the neighborhood, go out to dinner for a quick bite to eat between feedings, or go on a trip to the park, get out of the house. It will make you feel better, I promise.

4. You can’t spoil your baby. I remember during those first few weeks at home, I tried to get our daughter into some sort of routine. I’d read all of the baby books and sleep books and I was determined to do what they said. I didn’t want to hold her for too long or rock her to sleep for fear that she’d get used to it and never sleep in her crib again. Looking back now, I think I was naive to think that. So cuddle, rock, kiss, hold, and do whatever your heart desires with your baby. It’s impossible to spoil them for those first few months.

Those first few weeks home with baby are life-changing. It can feel overwhelming at times, but you will get through it. Don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy those magical moments for what they are — magical