With their pretty smiles, cute noises they make and fresh skin, there’s nothing in the world as precious as babies. And while it’s completely normal for every parent to think their baby is the most adorable of all the babies, the truth is – they are all adorable. And their adorable look is pretty much the only low maintenance thing about them, as quite a few parents would tell you.

You’ll still need to take care of your baby though. The tiny human beings also need their nails clipped, their hair combed, their noses cleaned, just as we adults do. Since babies are fragile, you can’t really use the adult version of products on your babies. For babies, everything needs to be smaller, softer, and sometimes a bit more clever.

If your baby doesn't come into the world with a lot of hair, don’t worry- she’ll be getting some really soon, and you’ll have to be ready for it. Baby combs and brushes are not exactly the same one you use every day – the bristle of the brush needs to be very soft, and it’s a good idea to have a wide-tooth comb as well.

It’s really important to keep your baby’s fingernails and toenails trimmed because babies can easily scratch themselves with them if you don’t clip them regularly. You’ll need baby nail clippers to do that. Baby nail clippers have a smaller clipping area, because the baby’s nails are smaller than yours, and full-sized handles because you are the one who will be doing the clipping. Some of them come with a special finger guard that’s not usually seen on adult nail clippers, and are a welcome safety feature.

Unlike yourself, your baby doesn't know when it’s time to blow or wipe his tiny nose.  In fact, your baby probably wouldn't know how to blow his nose even if you showed him – although he will learn to do it in time. But for the time being, a nasal aspirator is a simple care product that is used to suck the mucus out of the baby’s nose.

Babies, just like adults, can get a cold, or flu, and they can have a fever. To make sure your baby is crying because of the fever and not because she really wants to eat even you already fed her, you can try measuring her temperature with a thermometer. It’s a good idea to have separate thermometers for the adults in the household and the baby. Also, as your baby might be more comfortable with one temperature measuring way than the others, you can play it safe and get a thermometer that can measure temperature from the ear, under the armpit and rectally.

And if your baby indeed has the flu or the cold, and needs to take medications to get well, having a clever way of dispensing the medication may be useful. If your baby is of the age when he wants a pacifier, you can always get a pacifier medicine dispenser – your baby will be doing what he likes the most and take medicine in the same time.