Strollers are among the most important baby accessories that you’ll need once your little one arrives. But more than just the stroller itself, you’ll probably also need to invest in some additional items that would protect your baby, as well as keep him entertained and feeling comfortable. Check out our top 5 suggestions of must-have stroller accessories:


Food Tray & Cup Holder – You won’t have to place your baby in a high chair when in a restaurant because all you’ll need to have is a detachable food tray. Besides, their stroller is still much more comfortable and safer than high chairs, so just bring a food tray in which you can place small amounts of food for them to munch on. Meanwhile, a cup holder can be both beneficial for you and the baby. You can place their sippy cup or your drink on it, while you push the stroller around.


Hanging Toy – Prevent having to deal with tantrums and restless babies while out and about by keeping them entertained with an attached toy, which your baby can hold and play with when they're strapped in. You can just as well give him a stuffed toy, but having it attached onto the stroller makes sure that it won’t get lost or dirty once your baby decides to throw it away.


Plastic Rain Cover – If you live somewhere where the weather’s unpredictable and can rain pretty much anytime, then you better have a ready plastic rain cover in tow. You’ll never have to worry about rushing to the next shade just to keep your baby dry and safe.


Mosquito Net Cover – Mosquito and other bug bites can prove to be a serious threat to babies. A mesh or net cover is necessary in letting the air flow in, while preventing small insects from coming anywhere near your baby.


Sun Shade – The built-in retractable cover of some strollers aren’t enough to keep your baby covered from the sun’s harsh UV rays. An additional shade would be helpful in letting your baby enjoy the fresh air outside, while staying all covered up.


Keep your baby safe, comfortable, and entertained while strapped in their stroller with these products and more that you can easily find from our range of Stroller Accessories.