One of the greater challenges of parents when their babies enter the toddler stage is how to potty train. Not only is this a good way to save on diapers, but it will help your child gain a sense of responsibility and independence at an early age.

If you haven't tried potty training yourself and you're presently wondering how to go about it, you need to keep in mind first that there is no single way to do it. Different techniques work for different toddlers. Hence, you have to be prepared to engage in trial and error. You also have to be patient and persistent all throughout.

Below are several tips you can try out. They have worked for other moms, but you will never know if they will be effective for your own toddler unless you give them a shot.

1.      Give a reward related to your child's interest.

Is your child a book lover? For toddlers who enjoy going through books or listening to you read stories, you can let them pick out their favorites among their present collection or let them buy new ones they like. Then tell them that these are the "potty books" which can only be read whenever they use the potty.

What if your little one enjoys playing a particular game? Then you can use that as an incentive as well every time your child goes on the potty successfully.

It's always best to use a reward or treat that your toddler will be excited about and will feel proud to "earn".

2.      Always keep a positive atmosphere.

No matter how stressed you get, you need to maintain a positive atmosphere so that your child won't feel too pressured or will not get stressed out too. If that happens, all the more that he or she will not be able to do it in the potty. Also, your toddler might associate the activity with a negative emotion such as fear and anxiety.

Don't expect the potty training to be successful in the first few days, even if it was for others you know of. It's just not the same for everyone. There are likely to be accidents as well at the beginning. Hence, you need to smile and make light of the situation while still being firm that this has to be accomplished.

3.      Choose a suitable potty for your toddler.

The potty itself plays a big role in the success of the training. Why don't you go over the different available potties in our collection together with your child? Let him or her pick. Just be sure to explain the different features, such as those that play music and those with particular designs or themes. We also carry some which also function as a stepping stool so that children can make use of them when they want to use the adult toilet.

4.      Make the experience fun and entertaining.

Some moms turn potty training into the game, such as when they ask boys to shoot their urine into the bowl. You can do this too, and even include a target inside such as a floating ball. Now if you'll be letting your little one pee in the adult toilet, you may want to put in some foam or a coloring liquid to make it more fun when the child flushes it down.

What's more, it would be good to place the potty in a corner filled with entertaining toys and activities. For instance, why not have a sticker chart or some sort of game on the wall beside the potty? This can keep your child preoccupied or make him or her eager to head over to that spot.  

5.      Give your child the chance to be in charge.

Toddlers love to be in charge so they feel more independent and grown-up. Hence, give them tasks related to their potty training. For example, you can have a checklist accompanied with illustrations. Or maybe you can get a calendar which they could mark with a star or sticker every time they are successful in using the potty. You may also give them the task of setting up the potty and pouring the contents onto the adult toilet. These will also teach them to be responsible in the long run.

Indeed you really need to make them feel that they are responsible for what they do. Also emphasize that it's a grown-up thing to accomplish, and thus shower them with praises accordingly such as by saying "Good job on being a big boy/girl today!"

Potty training can be a cinch if you know your child well and if you're willing to go out of your way. We can make it easier for you by providing durable, high quality, and appropriately designed potties that you can choose from.