I remember after my baby shower for my daughter, receiving so many multiples of certain items and thinking, “I’ll never need all of these!” Many of the items ended up being returned in favor of purchasing other things I deemed to be “necessities,” but there were a few that I definitely ended up wishing I had hung on to. As a first-time parent, it’s simply hard to know what you’re going to need extras of, and you don’t want to end up having too much — but for us, these were the things that I could never seem to get enough of. My true-blue “must-haves.”

1. One-Piece Bodysuits

You can literally never have too many one-piece bodysuits (hello diaper disasters!) and these plain white ones are literally my most favorite on the planet.

2. Diapers + Wipes

I mean, this one is a little bit obvious, but seriously…never enough. I have run out of diapers and/or wipes on more occasions than I would care to admit. Having a stockpile is always a good idea.

3. Swaddling Blankets

I definitely remember a night or two when my daughter leaked through a diaper in the middle of the night and I was left without any backup swaddling blankets. Extras are always welcome and these easy Velcro swaddles are the best!

4. Extra Sippy Cups

I am completely convinced that there is a black hole where sippy cups go to live. My children (still) lose these everywhere. I am rarely found without backups anymore.

5. Laundry Soap

Because the laundry truly never ends. I eventually started buying a couple of bottles at a time so I would have extra when I ran out! This Baby Ecos detergent is a fan favorite in our house.