From the moment your baby is born, you should already make it a point to take good care of his or her grooming needs. This is highly essential not just to keep your little one smelling and looking good, but also to ensure optimum health.

One of the things that a lot of parents tend to neglect when it comes to grooming is taking care of the teeth and gums. Do you know that even before your child's first tooth has come out, you already need to clean his or her gums? Well, aside from that, there are also other things you must keep in mind regarding tooth and gum care for babies.

Here's a rundown of helpful tips to guide you:

Tip #1: Clean Baby's Gums Before the Teeth Come Out.

It's important to take the initiative to wipe off excess milk on your baby's gums after every feeding. You may use a damp and warm washcloth or gauze, or better yet opt for gum cleaners especially designed for this function. You can check out what we're offering in our grooming collection.

Tip #2: Don't Let the Feeding Bottle Stay Long in Your Baby's Mouth.

Even if your baby is not yet eating solid food, there's already a likelihood that cavities will develop. This can happen if you let the feeding bottle stay long in his or her mouth even if the actual drinking is done. When you see your baby's small teeth becoming discolored or you notice the first signs of pitting, then it means that cavities are forming.

Tip #3: Clean Your Baby's Teeth Regularly Even If They are Only Few.

No matter how many teeth your child has at present, you should never neglect cleaning them. You can make use of the small, soft toothbrush for babies which you can simply insert in your finger. We carry a wide variety of these toothbrushes for babies, so feel free to check them out. We also have them as part of our baby grooming kits.

Tip #4: Brush Teeth with Toothpaste When Your Baby is Two Years Old.

Once your precious baby reaches the age of two, it's vital to introduce brushing of teeth with an actual toothbrush and toothpaste. If you have been regularly brushing his or her teeth before, there's little chance he or she will resist now. Just be sure to make use of a non-flouride toothpaste for babies and toddlers.

Tip #5: Always Let Your Baby Drink Water after Meals.

Water is great for flushing down remnants of food and drink that you have consumed. The same goes for babies and toddlers. You have to let them drink water after each meal. And besides, water provides a lot of wonderful health benefits. It would be good to train your kids early on to always drink plenty of water.

Follow these tips to ensure that your child grows with strong and beautiful teeth as well as healthy gums!