Having a baby in your home is no doubt a great joy, bringing delight to everyone at all times. However, babies and toddlers need to watched over carefully even if they are just inside a room. You must ensure their safety at all times, given that they are eager to explore their surroundings and are not aware yet of the potential hazards in the environment.

Hence, it's very important that you childproof your home. Generally, these are the tips you must follow:

1.      Keep sharp and tiny objects locked in cabinets.

You've probably got a couple of knickknacks scattered on the desk or perhaps organized but within reach of small children. Make sure to keep them locked inside drawers and cabinets because you never know if a child may grab one that could harm him or her. Babies especially have a tendency to put things into their mouths, which can lead to choking.

In our home safety collection, you'll find several different types of cabinet and drawer locks and latches. Check them out to see which ones will suit you the most and will be most convenient for your use.

2.      Secure heavy items and appliances.

Look around your home and check for heavy items such as thick books, picture frames, and others. Make sure that they are not placed in areas that little kids can reach. They should also not be put on top of furniture that could easily topple over. What's more, you ought to avoid putting a cloth under these things which could be pulled by a baby or toddler, causing the items to fall on their heads or crash by their feet.

In addition, it's best to secure shelves to your walls. TV sets, DVD players, and the like must be pushed back so they won't easily fall as well. As much as possible, bolt your dressers and other similar furniture to the walls.

3.      Cushion sharp edges of tables and other furniture.

Oftentimes, toddlers who are learning how to walk or who have just begun to run around the house tend to bump into the edges of tables, countertops, and more. You must ensure their safety by placing cushioned covers over these dangerous edges and corners.

We carry such covers made of non-toxic foam materials, which will certainly come in handy when you're trying to childproof your home. Check them out today.

4.      Use plug protectors on all exposed sockets.

Another common cause of peril is an exposed plug or socket. Such things should be protected because children have a tendency to insert their fingers and possibly get electrified. You'll appreciate our transparent plug protectors because they are bound to go unnoticed by curious children, unlike white or colored ones which may still catch the attention of kids. Toddlers and older kids may try to pull the protectors out, so it's safer to use transparent ones.

5.      Place cushion guards on doors to keep them from shutting.

Another potential risk that children face when they are roaming the house is to get their fingers or limbs injured via accidental door slams. This is why it's highly essential for you to make use of cushion guards on doors so that they will not slam shut on their own. Take a look at the ones we have which can easily fit different doors.

6.      Utilize a gate to keep babies away from stairs.

In childproofing your home, you must always keep babies and toddlers away from the stairs and other precarious parts of the house such as the kitchen. To do this, you ought to utilize a mobile gate that you can secure on top of stairs or maybe in doorways or hallways so that children cannot pass through.

Check out the gates that we have, all easy to install and made with non-toxic, safe materials. Surely they are worth the price if they can keep your children safe and sound inside your home.