If you are looking for a gift for soon-to-be parents, you need to give some serious consideration to furniture for the nursery. The great thing about giving furniture as a gift is that if you choose wisely, not only will the parents end up with a present that provides plenty of functionality and good looks, they will be owners of a fine piece of furniture that can be passed down to their own children years in the future.

Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs and gliders can be some of the most cherished pieces of furniture families own. And, these are especially special gifts since they will continue to be used long after the babies have grown. If you are into antiques, an antique rocking chair can make a great present.


The cornerstone of a baby’s room, the crib is a fantastic gift for soon-to-be parents. Although buying an antique crib may seem like a great idea, for safety reasons look for a modern crib that meets all of the federal safety standards.  

Diaper Pail

Not the most glamorous gift, the humble diaper pail may be the most used piece of furniture in a nursery. When you give this practical unit as a gift, you are letting the parents know that you are on their side.

Crib Mattress

While a crib mattress will admittedly not be passed from one generation to the next, they make great gifts because babies need more than one. A foam mattress is nice and light, while an innerspring with 150-plus coils is awfully comfortable and long lasting. Both make great gifts.


Bassinets or cradles are wonderful. Able to swing, they can be just the thing worn out parents need during long nights filled with crying.


While not exactly a piece of furniture, if the soon-to-be parents live in a dry climate a humidifier could very well be one of the most important gifts they receive. Babies are especially sensitive to dry air.