Once the child is on the move, seemingly non-stop, making your home safe for the baby is almost a daily chore.  While there were safety measures you probably had implemented earlier in your child’s life, there are some additional steps to be sure the home is safe for the mobile toddler, on the move.

Purchase slip-proof mats, if possible for placement around the home, where there is heavy traffic.  If you have loose door mats or rugs, also buy some non-slip fabrics with adhesive to stick on the underneath side of the loose items.  Whether in a walker, or running free, this will help the toddler avoid some major slip and fall accidents.

Covers for doorknobs are also a key item which probably needs to be purchased.  Since most things are new for toddlers, they are prone to be adventurous and try to open doors.  Every doorknob needs a plastic cover that will only open the door if it is squeezed/turned –at the same time.  This will prevent your toddler from getting into places when the door is closed.

In addition, lower cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, probably need a latch device inside or outside of the cabinets.  As you probably already know, toddlers have a tendency to get into everything.  Having a centralized toy basket in his or her room, or in a safe place may help with the tendency to be overly inquisitive especially in areas which require safety.

Secure windows.  Because of the toddler’s get-into-everything nature – the young child will examine these, climb up on chairs and sofas to get a peek outside, etc.  Also, if needed use a banister shield or door opening fences, especially where there are stairs or rooms of which you do not want the toddler to have access to.


It is probably a good idea to lock the really dangerous rooms or those which may pose a hazard for the toddler.  If you have a wood workshop, home studio, sewing room, food storage room or the like, keep them locked with simple outdoor latches.

Remember that childproofing is an ongoing process. Being constantly aware of hazards and taking precautions are the best ways to make sure your home is safe for your child or grandchild.

At Ideal Baby, we have a number of safety items for your young one including air treatment, monitors, guards and rails, bath safety, car safety as well as products for home safety.  Please browse our inventory, we are sure there is something you may need or desire.  If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us, where you can view our FAQs, give us a call or visit one of stores.