Baby Shower games are part and parcel of the celebratory event and expected along with complimentary food and beverages as well as the giving and opening of gifts.  As such the special life ritual has evolved through the years, yet also retained the same qualities and customs of a social custom and festive occasion.  Considering that the guests to the baby shower are diverse and come from different aspects of the life of the “mom-to-be;” friends from work, college, as well as family, “break the ice” easily by getting acquainted through the use of fun and fashionable games.  Each winner in a game is rewarded with a small, inexpensive and most likely humorous prize. Traditionally, classic games are:

Tummy Measurement – where each guests visually assess the estimated size of the mom-to-be’s tummy, then cuts a piece of yarn or ribbon.  Then on actual comparison – the guest closest wins.

Never Mention Baby – A clothes peg is given to each guest as they arrive.  If someone mentions or states “Baby,” the peg is given up to the person states “Peg” in hearing them.  The “unpegged” guest is still in the game, and whoever has the most pegs at the end of game wins.

Bingo Baby – Each present is numbered and bingo templates are created.  As the guest of honor opens the gifts, she calls out the number for guests to mark on their bingo card.  Of course, the first guest to shout “Bingo!” is the winner.

While these classic baby shower games create the ambience and atmosphere conducive to the celebration, modern baby shower games are only limited by the imagination and creativity of the event.  Personalised one-pieces and burpees designed by the guests has been a popular activity in modern times.  The clothing in sizes extra small up to toddler size can be painted with non-toxic fabric paints or scribed with safe and harmless markers with special messages or doodles of animals, flowers, smilies, etc.

A modern activity popular for “not-so-shy-mom’s-to-be” has been belly “casting.”  The use of plaster strips and warm water are used to create the beautiful shape of the expecting mother.  Of course, this activity is better suited to smaller, more intimate baby showers, yet upon drying of the sculpture the designer can adorn and embellish the craft in a multitude of creative ways:  Images, quotes, actual clothes’ simulations, such a ballerina or other persona, again only limited to the creative innovation of the guest.  The castings would be stored in the nursery, along with the one-pieces and burpees, if accomplished as well and serve to remember and commemorate the awesome and beautiful occasion of the child’s birth.

For home birth, the baby shower, may initiate candle-lighting ceremonies where each guest brings a candle to the shower.  While the guests light their candles sequentially, well-wishes are stated for the birth.  The mom-to-be may consider the ceremony being repeated at the time of birth.

Candle lighting ceremonies are another thoughtful, fashionable option for mothers planning a home birth. Each guest brings a candle to the shower. During the party, the guests light their candles and say well-wishes for the birth. Then when the candles are lit during the birth, the mom is essentially surrounded in her friends and family’s love and support.