The birth of a baby is the most joyful occasion in any family. The joy of this precious occasion is celebrated by conducting baby shower functions. This is the time when the new parents or the soon-to-be parents will be showered with gifts and best wishes by relatives and friends. The most valued occasion of the family can be made more joyous by the careful selection of baby shower gift.

Some parents offer baby gift registries to the guests so that they can choose from the sections which are hand-picked by the new parents. Some other parents will allot each guest a certain "time" of day in the baby’s life. For instance, if you are assigned with bath time you are supposed to bring useful bath items and accessories. The objective behind this is to avoid the new mom from getting the duplicates of different things. If you are left with the choice to decide the baby shower gift for yourself choose something that is unique, nice and practical at the same time. The article explores some useful baby shower gift ideas.

Some popular and useful baby shower gift ideas

Diapers and Diaper Cakes - Diapers form an ever popular and useful baby shower gift item. If you want to be more creative, gift diaper cakes to the moms to be. By diaper cake we don’t mean the usual delicious, eatable cake, but the one that is made of useable diapers and other necessary baby items such as shampoo, nail cutters, toys etc. You can adorn the cake with all kinds of other baby utilities and goodies.

Baby bed accessories - You can make a cute baby bed accessory set consisting of a cute pillow, robust baby blanket, soft bed sheet and little soft toys. You can even choose to buy organic bed accessories to show your thoughtfulness and care for the baby. You can buy toxin-free organic cotton clothing, bedding, or even BPA free baby bottles as excellent baby shower gifts.

The Mommy-To-Be Bag - A cute Tote-Bag will make an excellent baby shower gift. Don’t forget to fill the bag with all the baby essentials. If you are ready to shed substantial amount of money in buying these bags, there are a variety of designer diaper bags available, for instance, Angelina Jolie Diaper Bag, the Heidi Klum Diaper Bag, and the Jessica Alba Diaper Bag etc.

Music, videos and books - Presenting a collection of your own favorite books for babies is a thoughtful baby shower gift. Empirical evidences suggest that reading out aloud to babies is an effective way to boost their mental and cognitive development. You can gift picture books with bright colors and bold pictures. Personalized children’s CDs and videos are other bunch of great baby shower gift ideas.