When the new baby arrives, for a short time you’ll want to keep your little bundle of joy in home only, except for the possible checkup with the doctor. However, after that time passes, both you and your baby will have to face the outside world – and both of your will have to face some challenges.

As you know, babies can’t really do a lot of things toddlers can – they can’t walk, or can’t do it very good, they can’t ride in the car using the normal seats – but neither can toddlers, and they can’t really help themselves when it comes to doing the number ones and twos. Fortunately, for all the things your baby can’t do, there are products out there that can help.

Let’s start with the basic – going to the bathroom, or in the diaper, to be precise. Babies do their business whenever they need to, and that’s why we have diapers. However, if you’re going further from the house than, let’s say, your backyard or front porch, you’ll likely need to bring a change of diapers – you should minimize the time your baby has to spend in a dirty diaper as much as possible. Now, you need diapers in your home, also, so they shouldn't be on the list. But diaper bags – well, a list of baby travel essentials wouldn't be any good without them.

Now, for the moving around part – you’ll have to do all the work, whether you want to carry your baby in a carrier or sling or push her around in a stroller. Whatever you choose, make sure the product you end up buying conforms to all the safety guidelines, and is right for the baby’s age and size. You’ll want your little one to be as comfortable as possible while being perfectly safe.

And when it’s time to take a ride in the car, you’ll need to have an infant car seat. These car seats usually face back when properly installed into the car – in fact, safety guidelines say that a rear-facing car seat should be used as long as the baby can sit that way comfortably. Since different states have different regulations regarding child safety in traffic, make sure you’re familiar with your states regulations before buying the car seat. These regulations are there for a good reason – the safety of your child – so it would be best to follow them as closely as possible.