Traveling with your new baby (especially if its your first time!) is always a little chaotic. So to reduce your day-of stress and to make sure you don’t forget your baby’s essentials, it’s important to plan ahead. And planning ahead in the form of lists and checklists to make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected is a great idea.

So what should go on your essential master list to make sure your baby is prepared for a long day of plane, train or car travel? Here’s a list of baby must-haves to include on your packing checklist:

Baby Packing List

Baby Wipes

And baby wipes and more baby wipes! When you change your little one in a public area, be courteous and wipe up your little one’s mess fully. You also won’t have an opportunity to properly bathe your little one until you make your destination, so extra wipes to cleanse your little one’s hands are a great idea.

Toy and Pacifier Clips

Chances are your baby may spit or toss their pacifier, and if it ends up on the floor of an airplane or train, it’s safe to assume that pacifier is now out-of-play. And as we all know trying to take away a baby’s toy or pacifier has some loud consequences, so avoid any outburst by clipping pacifiers or toys to your baby’s onesies. We carry an assortment of Avent brand pacifier clips and a variety of clip on toys.

Baby Carrier

It is often uncomfortable and unnecessary to travel with every stroller and car seat attachment you own. So consider a baby carrier that you wear and keep your little one close. Babies are soothed by being close to you and fascinated by getting to see everything. Strollers and carseats are cumbersome and don’t travel well, while carriers free up your hands. Also, if your baby grows fussy from being in their carseat, strap on your carrier to soothe them.