Somewhere on the list of joys that are added to your world when you have a baby is "introducing baby to all the beautiful sights in this world." OK, when the baby is in its first few months of life, much of that beauty is completely lost on them, as they can't really see and focus on things that well, but it doesn't mean that you have to wait before you expose your new arrival to all of the great places to go, see and do. The key is to get yourself - and your baby - the ultimate travel system, so baby can stay safe and comfortable at all times, and you can easily take your little bundle of joy with you everywhere you go, with the absolute minimum of hassle and inconvenience. Let's face it, you have things to do, and since you have no intention of leaving your baby behind while you're taking care of all of the chores, tasks and other "get it done" items on your to-do list. You need a travel kit that affords you the most versatility and ease of use, so you don't waste any unnecessary time fussing with baby seats and folding strollers that never unfold right.

The Orbit Baby G2 Travel System is about as good as it gets when it comes to safety, health and comfort for your baby, and complete convenience for the parent. The Orbit G2 stroller features the amazing QuadShock suspension, that takes every bump on the sidewalk, boardwalk or anywhere else, and absorbs it all so that your baby doesn't feel a thing. When you have a fussy baby who you've finally gotten to sleep in their stroller, that sort of suspension means the difference between peaceful sleeping baby and wide awake and wanting attention baby. The baby seat is manufactured from Orbitgreen certified fabrics, which are the most eco-friendly in the world and are the only car seat fabrics certified clean by Oeko-Tex®. The StrongArm knob system means that rotating the baby seat within the stroller and moving the baby seat from your stroller to the car, and vice-versa, is a breeze, and takes a minute or less to make the transition.

Sure, the Orbit Baby G2 Travel System may be a little more expensive than some other models, but for the safety, health and comfort of your baby, plus all the time saved by you, it really is worth every penny and more. Talk to anyone who has used this travel system with their own baby, and you're sure to hear nothing but amazingly ecstatic reviews, and when it comes to baby products, who else would you trust more than Ideal Baby? It's a big, bold and beautiful world out there, so make sure that every trip you take with your baby is as comfortable and convenient as humanly possible, and that means the Orbit G2 travel system. Your baby is only a baby once, so make sure they get every advantage possible in order to move in style!