Bottles Feeding

Almost every decision you make concerning how you raise your baby is a big decision, and requires a good deal of consideration. This is especially true when it comes to bottle-feeding your baby. All bottles and nipples are not the same, and determining which are right for your baby is extremely important for the health and comfort of your baby. At Ideal Baby & Kids, we carry an outstanding selection of the most trusted names in baby bottles and nipples.

Choose from baby-safe glass or plastic bottles in a wide range of different sizes and shapes from brands like Avent and Dr. Brown. We also offer an excellent range of different nipples, both in latex and silicone, with slow flow for preemies and newborns, and fast flow for older babies. No matter which bottle and nipple combination you choose for your baby, you'll always get the Ideal Baby & Kids low everyday price, plus a customer care team that loves helping our customers. If you need any assistance with your order, we welcome your call at 888-722-2944.