Brica Crib Soother and Projector Firefly

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Crib Sooner and Projector Firefly
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The BRICA magical firefly crib soother and projector combines the magic of fireflies and natural soothing sounds to help your little one relax and drift into dream land. Original scores such as "water's journey" features real babbling brooks, rain fall and ocean waves to lull even the fussiest baby to sleep. "woodland journey" features serene nocturnal sounds such as crickets, frogs, owls and more. Gentle, lights appear behind the mirror and frame to mimic fireflies as twinkling lights gently illuminate the ceiling for a captivating light show. The simple control panel features a built-in memory allowing the most recent setting to be played at the touch of a button. With a pillow soft frame and shatter-resistant, clear-sight mirror, you'll rest assured knowing that your baby will be safe and sound.

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