Britto the Artist

Posted by Maria on 12/30/2013
Famous for his bright and beautiful pop pieces featuring a trademark colorful neo-cubism style, Romero Britto is a Brazillian-American painter and sculptor who combines a variety of pop art genres for a unique and instantly recognizable style. Living and working in Florida and born in Brazil, Britto has completed many commercial works for not only corporate giants like Disney and Pepsi, but also for non-profit organizations and relief projects, such as logo designs for Hurricane Katrina and the Save Haiti Saturday project. Britto’s extensive work dates back to his international debut in 1988, and includes personal works, celebrity portraits, and commissions, in addition to his corporate pieces.

Britto’s chunky and joyful designs appeared on the Absolut Vodka label as part of their creative visual ad campaigns shortly after his arrival in the United States, launching a commercial career that has brought his eye-catching neo-cubism inspired visual style to a variety of licensed products. His colorful and unmistakable style has brought a new and unique quality to iconic products from Tupperware to Mickey Mouse. In addition to commercial products for corporate projects, Britto also offers his own special limited edition prints and collectibles in his concept stores. A unique and rare art experience, Britto’s concept stores can be found in two Miami locations, and three exclusive locations on board Royal Caribbean ships. In perhaps one of his most unique and visible corporate projects, Britto worked with iconic automobile manufacturer Volvo to create an eye-catching, pop culture themed Volvo paintjob to benefit the Best Buddies charity, which is committed to enhancing the lives of those with intellectual disabilities. The he care was auctioned off at a charity gala event, and featured a full-body design of Britto’s beautiful and unmistakable style.

Before his break-out work in his Miami studios, Britto spent time in Paris as a young artist, studying the works of masters such as Picasso and Matisse. Drawing influence from the bold shapes of Picasso and the brightly contrasting colors favored by Matisse, Britto developed his self-taught love for art into a vivid pop art style that has shone in special projects and personal works for nearly 30 years. Often depicting vibrant people and animals that seem to possess an energetic magic of their own, Britto’s works reflect not only a deep love of pop art and culture, but a playful and joyful exuberance and curiosity for the world around us. Whether the figures in the piece are dancing, cuddling, or simply taking a quiet nap, Britto’s works burst with a kinetic colorful energy that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary through the unique lens of the artist’s eye.

Britto’s unique and energetic art works not only brighten many rooms as sculptures and fine art prints, but have also been featured on a variety of improbable objects from grand pianos and automobiles, to larger than life murals on semi truck trailers and stadium parking garages. His cheerful color scheme and bold, cubist inspired composition enhances the often everyday subjects of his work into something beautiful, vibrant, and worth celebrating.
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