Car seats are an essential component of child safety.  As your child grows from infant to toddler, their car seat needs change, as well.  It is crucial that you take these changes into account and provide your child with the proper car seat.  Each of the following car seats has a valuable role in the growth of your child. 


Infant Car Seat

Infant car seats are designed to provide ample protection for small babies and infants.  Infant car seats are more reclined than other car seats, providing a safer, more comfortable option for young babies.  One of the most attractive features of these car seats is the protective harness setup.  These car seats are designed to provide the upmost protection for your young one. 


Convertible Car Seat

Convertible car seats are a great option as your child begins to grow.  The car seat can be used to accommodate both infants and toddlers.  Most convertible car seat models can function as a rear facing option until your child reaches 40 pounds.  Once your child surpasses this size restriction, the car seat can be converted to a forward facing car seat to safely protect your child until they reach 65 pounds.  Convertible car seats save you money and hassle by preventing you from having to upgrade your car seat as soon as your child outgrows it. 


Booster Car Seat

Once your child has outgrown their car seat, their safety can still benefit from the use of a booster seat.  These units are designed to place your child in a safe position to benefit from the proper functioning of the vehicle’s seat belt.  The booster seat can be easily transferred between automobiles making safe driving easier than ever.  These are the perfect transition options for your growing child. 


Using the correct car seat is imperative to the safety of your child.  As they grow, their car seat demands change.  These three car seats are a few of the most common and safest options.  Make yourself familiar with the restrictions and features of each kind to determine what best meets your needs.  Browse our extensive selection of car seats in each of these categories.