One of the largest and most important challenges new parents face is keeping their babies’ skin healthy. The issue is that not only is a baby’s skin especially sensitive, it is also their largest organ.

However, by following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your baby’s skin fresh and beautiful.

Add Skincare to Your Baby’s Daily Routine

The first step to protecting your baby’s skin is making sure that taking care of her skin is one of the normal activities that you do with her each and every day just as you do with feeding her, cleaning her, and playing with her.

Keep Your Baby’s Skin Clean

Next, you need to keep your baby’s skin clean. However, this does not mean you need to be washing him every day. No, that is the wrong thing to do since it will dry out your baby’s skin. At the most, give your baby baths only three or four times a week. Instead, just spot clean his dirty spots with a bit of water and a gentle cleanser when need be.  

Warm Water

When the time comes to start washing your baby, use lukewarm water since hot water will remove the natural oils from his skin and also dry it out.

Your Fruit Does Not Fall Far from Your Tree

If you have skin problems and sensitive skin, odds are your baby will too. This means you ought to hold off using baby products for at least two or three months so that your baby’s immune system can strengthen. Then when you start using baby shampoos, soaps, and the such, only use a dab and see how it goes. If your baby’s skin is irritated by it, try a different product.

Moisturize and Protect from the Sun

When your baby is ready, a good moisturizer and sun protection lotion are very important. Start using these early and frequently.