There always seem to be choices to make, about everything you do as a new parent.
One of those will be whether to use cloth diapers, or disposable ones. Which type you choose to use is a completely personal decision- although you wouldn't know from the amount of advice people will try to throw at you. Your Grandma might go on all day about how she did just fine with cloth diapers, while your cousin may insist disposable is the only way to go. You're well within your rights to ignore them- just pretend to listen while you sing "Camptown Races" in your head. Do-da, Do-da...

If you're not sure of which way you want to go, here are some things to consider when you're deciding between cloth and disposable diapers.

Cloth Diapers:


They're Super "Green": If you're a crunchy granola mom, or aspire to be one, then cloth is probably the way to go, since you won't be contributing to all the nasty stuff piling up in our landfills.

They're Cheap: Generally, cloth diapers are cheaper because you'll need only a few of them, in several sizes, as opposed to the thousands of disposables your baby would go through.

They're Cute: Have you seen them? You can get some absolutely adorable patterns, and they've got a retro vibe going on that can be very visually appealing.


The Ick Factor: If you use cloth diapers, you will be emptying poopies into the toilet, there's no getting around it. You'll also have to wash said poopy stained diapers in your washing machine.

More Laundry: As a new parent, more laundry is the last thing you need- with all the spit up and baby related stains, you'll be running your washer all day and all night.

They're Bulky: Cloth diapers are very thick, for obvious reasons- they need to be absorbent. While science is always working to make disposable diapers thinner, no such effort has been made with cloth diapers, at least not with much success.

Disposable Diapers:


Easy to Find: Cloth diapers can take a bit of digging to locate. Meanwhile, you can get disposables almost anywhere: gas stations, grocery stores, even airport shops.

Easy to Use: They aren't complicated at all. As long as you don't put them on backwards, they're easy to get on, get off, and chuck in the trash.

Convenience: It's easier to throw diapers away than it is to empty them, wash them, and dry them. If you don't want to be bothered with all the laundering, disposables are right up your alley.


They're Expensive: Sweet Mama, you will spend a whole lot of money on disposable diapers before your precious darling is potty trained. We're talking hundreds, at least.

Bad for the Earth: You may get some ugly looks from the aforementioned granola moms. You are adding to the ever-growing pile of solid waste at the landfill every time you toss a diaper.

So Many Brands: If you're not good at making decisions, the number of choices in the diaper aisle will likely make you break out in hives.It's going to be peed or pooped on and thrown away, but you'll still obsess about it.

The choice is yours- but at least now, you can make an informed one. Happy diapering.