The first few months of parenthood are exciting, exhausting, awe-inspiring, and sometimes frustrating.  Babies cry when they’re hungry.  They cry when they are tired.  They cry when they wake up.  They cry when their diaper is wet or dirty.  They cry when they want to be held, and they cry because…well, just because.

Sometimes, babies cry for no apparent reason, and it can be so frustrating for a parent to not know the reason behind the squalls and even more so to not know how to comfort their infant.  New mothers can feel like they are failures and that their maternal instincts are lacking.  They can feel helpless and hopeless, sad and angry at their inability to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.

Even the healthiest of babies can cry for seemingly no reason.  Sometimes, it is only a matter of finding the right way to comfort your little bundle of joy.

Babies usually love to be gently rocked, so this is often the go to for new parents.  You can sit in a rocking chair or glider, holding baby close or rock her as you walk around, or use a baby swing or take a walk with baby snug in a stroller.  Some parents resort to driving around the block a time or two to get baby to settle down. 

In some newborns, the need to suck is very strong.  Comfort sucking can steady a baby's heart rate, relax her tummy, and help her to settle, so allow additional sucking time at the breast or let her suck on her on her fingers or a pacifier.  A warm bath may also be soothing, and sometimes a massage or a tummy rub helps to soothe a fussy baby.

It won’t take long before you know your baby’s likes and dislikes, so don’t fret Mommy, you’re doing just fine.