If you have extra space then you can decorate it for your kid. Your child will be delighted to have a specially designed area, equipped and decorated especially for the purpose of play. If you have some extra room in your home then it will be best to decorate it for your kid or kids. Here are a few ideas which you can consider.

Storage Space

When you have to make a place for kids to play, the first thing that comes to mind is the space for toys. You will need a storage space especially for toys. You do not want to see toys all over the room all day. If your child will have too many things around then he or she will easily get distracted and will not be able to concentrate on one particular activity. I Get an attractive painted cupboard or box where you can store the toys and bring out a few of them especially your child’s favorite ones.

Liven Up The Walls

Choose some posters and wallpapers to place on the wall. If your child has his/her own artwork then there is nothing more valuable and perfect than that. To gain an educational touch you can place alphabets or numerical stickers on the wall. If it is the bedroom than don't forget about the ceiling. A nice idea is to make the room glow at night. You can place glowing stickers of the moon and starts at the ceiling.


Your child is going to spend most of his/her time on the floor, so a rug or carpet should cover the entire floor. Today you are going to find a huge variety of rugs and carpets which are especially meant for the child's room. There are some rugs which look very attractive and can serve the play area perfectly. Whatever the theme of the room --there is a huge variety to choose from such as teddy bears, cars, animals, pirates, sport, and much more. For toddler’s play add soft toys, pillows, hangings etc. In addition every play area must have a quiet space so place some books, chair, a bean bag or cozy cushions for that purpose.

Overall Decor

Kids love to dress up so find a space where you can add a dress up box. You can even place a small table or chair where your toddlers can create their artwork, eat and play. Your baby girl might want to plan a tea party. For the overall look of the play area choose a good color scheme and paintwork of soft furnishings. Make a cool, happy and comfortable place for your kids where they can happily enjoy their playtime.