Diaper Essentials

Being a new mother comes with a thousand joys, but twice as many responsibilities. Until your baby is old enough to start taking care of themselves, it's up to you to keep them safe, healthy, happy and clean. Thankfully, you've got Ideal Baby & Kids on your side every step of the way, with an incredible selection of the highest quality baby-safe products to help you be the best parent possible. One of the never-ending roles of a new parent is keeping baby clean, because clean means healthy, and Ideal Baby & Kids has you covered with our collection of baby wipes and wipes warmers. Choose from Huggies or Luvs all-purpose wipes, or specialty face and pacifier wipes from Mustela. To avoid the bracing effect of a cold wipe on baby's skin, use the phenomenal Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer, which not only keeps the warms cozy and warm, but has a handy soft light for those night time cleanings. Click either of the baby wipes categories below to get started, or add them to your Ideal Baby registry for an incredibly useful baby shower gift.
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