Potty training can be a challenging time for both the child and the parent. Frustration and hopelessness can make the process a very difficult one. However, with the right products, you can help your child start using the toilet in no time. The following accessories are some of the best potty training options for your child.

Training Diapers

You cannot underestimate the power of a good brand of training diapers. They need to be both comfortable and effective. Make the transition from a normal diaper to a pull-up style that resembles regular underwear. This garment will help teach your child to use real underwear while still offering the protection of a diaper.

Training Potty

Training potties are designed to teach children how to use the toilet. These smaller, shorter potties are more child-size and can make the transition a little bit easier. They can be easily emptied into the real toilet and cleaned.

Training Seat

Once your child has outgrown the training potty, the training seat is the next step. This tool can be placed on top of a normal toilet seat to make it easier for the child comfortably to sit on. As they grow and get more comfortable with a “big kid toilet,” the training seat can be removed.

Travel Toilet

Nothing can ruin successful potty training routine like a vacation or trip. As soon as your child gets familiar with your home bathroom and toilet, it has hard for them to try to use a foreign facility. Purchasing a travel toilet is an easy way to make your child feel comfortable going to the bathroom regardless of where you may be.

Having helpful potty training gear will allow your child to successfully navigate this challenging part of childhood. Each of these four tools is essential to a painless phase of training.