When you are expecting your first child, all your friends, coworkers and family surround you, lavishing you with every kind of nursery and baby need imaginable.  And what they don’t manage to give you, you are sure to find for yourself.  Then you wait for baby to arrive, just trying to imagine the little person who is going to be wearing, playing with, eating with, being bathed and strolled with and sleeping with all those precious little items.  Expecting a baby for the first round is certainly a time when you need to stock up on a bunch of previously foreign items to your lifestyle, so you’ll be adequately equipped to slide into the role of being a wonderful parent.  


You May Not Use Everything

When Baby finally arrives, you now begin the process of wisdom-gaining, discovering which items were superfluous and which ones you should have bought in bulk.  You learn, through a myriad of days, just what’s important, which baby care items you personally prefer, what works best for your baby, and you end up being an expert at knowing your baby’s preferences and how to take care of him or her.


The Second Time Around

At some point, you might just find yourself expecting baby number two. Now get ready, because those doting friends, coworkers and family who created the outpouring of gifted support for your first baby will be assuming that you already have everything you might need for caring for a second baby. (This applies to all subsequent expectancies, actually.)  So if there is even a shower given in your honor, the bulk of what you’ll receive will be clothing and maybe a few rattles, etc..  And while it’s great to have clothing for Baby, they outgrow their clothes so quickly that you’re unable to use them for very long.


You Go, Girl

What you really want more than anything is NEW baby items - maybe even more so than with the first baby, because it just matters more now.  It’s always nice to have new things... sure you have furniture, but at some point even though you already have furniture, you go out and get new furniture…. well it’s the same way with expecting a second child.  If you are expecting your second (or third, etc.) baby and you dearly want new things, you are not alone.  Shop to your heart’s content, because while the rest of the world may not understand your need for new baby care items, there are many, many mothers who do.  This time will pass all too quickly, do what you can to make it extra fun. Shop!